I was Badly Injured on My Scooter in a Crash with a Car

Video Transcription:
Scooters have become really popular in Florida and because there are a lot more of them on the road now, we are starting to see more accidents involving them. An accident with a scooter and a car typically results in a worse scenario for the rider of the scooter because of the little protection that they have.

If the driver of a car is in an accident with a scooter and is at fault, the rider of the scooter will look to the driver's liability insurance on their auto policy to pay for all the medical bills and other damages suffered. Unfortunately, many drivers in Florida don't have enough insurance to pay for all the harm they have caused. This is why it's important for scooter riders to have as much Uninsured Motorist Coverage as possible. Typically, scooters are not covered under your own auto insurance policy which means that you should have a specific insurance that will cover you in case you are in an accident. If you own property, you can buy an umbrella policy in Florida that covers everything that you own and you can get UM insurance under this type of policy.

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