Coup Contrecoup Brain Injury Explained

Video Transcription:
Most brain injuries generally affect one part of the brain. There is a type of an injury that the medical field labels as a coup countrecoup injury. What this simply means is there is injury to two sides of the brain. So how does this happen?

When someone falls or they’ve been in some type of a car crash or bike accident and the head hits the ground or moves quickly in one direction and then is snapped in the other direction, the brain moving within the skull strikes the front of the skull and then is snapped back to the back of the skull. When the brain impacts the interior of the skull it creates damage to the brain. Typically it’s bruised and it damages all of the neurons in the brain.

You can end up with one impact but there could be damage to the front, back or even the two sides There can be two injuries to the brain from one impact. This is the unique thing about a coup countrecoup brain injury.

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