Definition of a Personal Injury Case

Video Transcription:
The most common personal injury case is one in which you were hurt because someone else was negligent or was at fault in causing an accident or injury. A classic example would be, you’re sitting at a stop light and someone hits you from behind. They’re at fault because they should have stopped. This is a simple explanation for the legal term that lawyers use about negligence.

What a personal injury case means is that it gives you under the law the right to collect damages to recover for your injuries from the person who caused your injuries. This is based on the theory of proving that they were at fault or they were negligent in causing your injury.

The personal injury case I’m talking about based on negligence would be a classic car accident, a bicycle accident, a pedestrian injury, a fall and even medical malpractice. These are some of the common ways that a personal injury case arises and it’s always based on the fault of the other party and in proving that they were indeed at fault.

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