What is an Unmarked Crosswalk in Florida?

Video Transcription:
As pedestrians we are all familiar with marked crosswalks because they usually have lines across the road and sometimes there's stripes within the lines. Crosswalks give pedestrians a lot of protection and a lot of rights. Vehicles have an obligation to avoid pedestrians in a crosswalk.

In Florida we have something called an unmarked crosswalk. These are typically found when a sidewalk from a side street approaches a road and there's a sidewalk on the opposite side of the road. This is considered a classic example of an unmarked crosswalk that a pedestrian can use.

This is important to understand because a pedestrian who is walking along and crosses in an unmarked crosswalk has the same rights as if they were walking in a marked crosswalk. Vehicles have the same responsibility to yield or stop until the pedestrian is safely across. Unfortunately, a lot of drivers don't understand this and accidents do occur.

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