What is Bodily Injury Car Insurance?

Video Transcription:
When you think of bodily injury car insurance, I want to think about it from two different perspectives. The first is your own as the owner or driver of the car. So bodily injury insurance is that part of your auto policy that you buy that protects you and all of your assets if you're the one who caused the accident and run into or hurt or take the life of someone else.

But if you're that person who has been run into and hurt, then bodily injury is looked at from a different perspective. Now, you're looking to the driver or the owner of that vehicle who caused the accident for the insurance that will pay you for the harm that's been done. And, that's when you look to their bodily injury liability insurance. The amount of that insurance is very important, particularly when you're the one who has been injured because then the question becomes, do they have enough to pay for all the injuries, the consequences, and the medical expenses that you have as a result of the accident.

No matter how you look at it, bodily injury is still a very important part of your auto policy and one that you need to discuss with your agent very carefully when you make those decisions about how much protection should you need or want for someone else who is injured in an accident.

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