Jim Dodson Law's No Fee Promise

Video Transcription:
Our No Fee Promise is simply my personal promise to my clients that they will never write a check to me for lawyer fees. If you’re case is successfully settled, you will receive a check. If it doesn’t settle for some reason, you will not write me a check. And, this applies to our costs, those expenses we occur and for lawyer fees. This is what we include in our No Fee Promise.

There is never a charge to call and talk about a potential case. If you or someone you know has a case you want to talk about, we don’t charge to talk about a potential case. Once you are our client and you need information from the office and we’re talking back and forth, you don’t need to be concerned that somehow “the meter is running” and that you’re going to get a bill from the lawyer for the time. It doesn’t work that way in our practice.

It’s as simple as this. We evaluate your case and determine if we feel we have a reasonable opportunity to get you a good result then we will accept your case. At the end, if you case settles successfully, you will get a check from us as part of the settlement process. This is what our No Fee Promise is about.

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