Drivers Should Be Aware of Florida's 3 Feet Law

Video Transcription:
There’s a big push in Florida by a lot of jurisdictions to publicize Florida’s 3 Foot Rule. And, it’s really something that says “3 Feet Please” and it generally refers to a car passing a cyclist.

Remember that a cyclist is a vehicle. They have every right to be on the road and they share the road with other vehicles. Cyclists are required to ride in a bike lane if there is one or on the right side of the road, as close to the edge as they can. This puts them in a safe position, out of the line of traffic of the cars but at the same time it kind of encourages cars to squeeze by so they don’t have to slow down or put on their brakes. So what happens is a lot of times a car is trying to squeeze by and they don’t understand the requirement to leave  at least three feet when they pass a cyclist.

I want to point out to people that the law actually says that vehicles are to pass at a safe distance of not less than three feet. Three feet is the minimum. It is not necessarily the gold standard for passing a cyclist. Every car needs to pass at a safe distance. The faster the car is going, in my opinion, the greater the distance they need to leave. And they need to go slower as they approach a cyclist. Drivers need to understand that 3 feet is the minimum not the maximum.

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