What Types of Treatment are there for Compression Fractures of the Spine?

Video Transcription:
Compression fractures can be very painful. They change the way the spine moves and they affect you every time you move that affected area of your spine. You’re going to feel it and know it. Depending on how much compression occurred will kind of depend on what the treatment the doctor will give someone. There’s two types of treatment.

  1. You have the more conservative treatment which would be wearing a brace to stabilize the back. Doing therapy to strengthen all of the muscles in the muscle groups above and around that area. This will make the spine stronger and more stable. You can also have injections into the muscle and into that area to try and reduce the inflammation. And they also use electro stimulation to try and stimulate the area around it to also help reduce the inflammation.
  2. Depending on the degree of the compression and the person’s age and their overall bone condition, there is a surgery that doctor’s can perform where they actually take a needle and inject a cement substance into the compressed bone to help stabilize it. I’ve had many clients with compression fractures. Some have the surgery and do quite well. Many others don’t have the surgery because they don’t meet the requirements for it.

So these are the two categories of treatment. The surgical treatment and the non-surgical treatment. Again, these are serious injuries which can have long-lasting implications for some people. Some do quite well after treatment and others have lingering complications that can last the rest of someone’s life.

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