What is the Florida Bicycle Association and Why Should You Join?

Video Transcription:
I think a lot of people are sort of aware that the Florida Bicycle Association exists but I'm not sure that most of us kind of understand how important it actually is in making roads and streets safer for us as cyclists.

The FBA is the voice of cyclists in Florida. They actually have a lobbyist they pay every year who is involved in the legislative process who is speaking up there on behalf of you and I. This is really important because there is more that goes on that we ever would realize in terms of formulating how these bills are written and the words that are used. They are our voice in the legislature.

It's important for us as individuals to belong to the FBA even if you belong to a club. Your club may pay a few hundred dollars to join but it's those individual memberships that drive the funding for the FBA. They get their source of funding from two different places, the IBike Florida license tag and individual members. Those are the major parts that fund the work of the FBA.

If you haven't joined, take a minute now and go do it. It's the best thing you can do to promote cycling safety in Florida.

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