What Kind of Bike Does the Florida Bike Guy Ride?

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Jim Dodson: - So the question today is, "What kind of bike does Jim ride "and what does he do to separate himself visually "when he's riding?" Well, the answer to the question of my bike is that I ride a yellow bike. And you'll notice that everything I do on my bike when I'm on the road is designed to separate me from the field of view of the driver, to increase the odds that they're gonna recognize that I'm a cyclist and that they need to take action to avoid me. And that starts with my helmet. This is a Trek WaveCel. It comes in a great neon color. Have the same thing in MIPS. I've got on a yellow fluorescent jersey today. This one's from Wheel Works up in Winter Garden. It's got a great color pattern on it, for me. I also wear, all the time, winter and summer, these Pearl Izumi arm warmers, I guess you call 'em but, you know, I've lived in Florida all my life. I don't need any more sun. But these are neon yellow and it's just part of the outfit. I've got the same thing goin' on with my gloves. Today I've got on my Bicycles International bib with the yellow around the thigh. I've got yellow socks on, and you'll see that I've got a yellow ankle light on behind my ankle as well. From a lighting standpoint, now, all of these things, particularly the neon-colored socks, the band around the thigh. That's designed for the movement of the bike and people will stand out 'cause you're, there's this bio-movement that makes them recognize that you're a moving cyclist and it picks you out from just a static color going by. The other thing is that, on the lighting side, the light behind the ankle, it's another step to help identify you in the field of view of the driver. I always have a flashing white light in the front and today I've got two flashing red lights on the back of my bike. These are all designed to help us stand out, to be recognized as a cyclist, so that they know that they need to avoid us and stay out of our way. You wanna make sure that drivers know you are coming. You have to stand out in the visual field.

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