There are Many Types of Restitution that Can Be Ordered for the Victim of a DUI

Video Transcription:
The court has a lot of discretion in ordering restitution for the victim of a DUI crash. When the judge sentences the DUI driver after they’re convicted, there’s many types of restitution that can be ordered by the court to be paid or something to be done for the victim.

These issues are really not “one size fits all” and I’ll give you some general guidelines because the facts of every case are going to be unique. And, clearly you need to be working with your lawyer on your DUI case who understands how to best utilize this in your situation.

In general, restitution can be ordered for medical expenses, car repairs and other property. It can even be ordered for psychological damages and even for some future losses. So, I think it’s important to understand what can be ordered and how best that order can be tailored to make the most impact in your civil case against the DUI driver.

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