Does a Family Have a Case if a Loved One Dies in a Pedestrian Accident in Florida?

Video Transcription:
If a family has lost a loved one in a pedestrian collision in Florida no amount of money is going to replace what they have lost. However, there is a way for them to seek compensation. There is a statute in Florida that describes who is entitled to be compensated. Typically, the family members who can be compensated would be husbands, wives, children, parents and there could be others depending on the circumstances of the situation.

Then there is the question of how the compensation is obtained. Clearly, the person who caused the accident would be held responsible but many times there will be other insurance and other people that may be obligated to compensate the family as well.

Attorney Jim Dodson's suggestion is that the family should reach out to a lawyer who understands pedestrian wrongful death cases and they can tell you who may be eligible to recover compensation and where that compensation will come from.

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