Would You Know What to Do After Someone Suffers a Concussion After a Bike Accident?

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Those of us in the cycling world often and should rely on a bike helmet. No one should ride a bicycle without a helmet on, adults or children. I think that many people sort of look at the helmet as doing more than it does for someone. All helmets were actually designed to simply prevent skull fractures. And, this doesn't matter if you buy a helmet for $6.50 or one for $500. They are only designed to prevent skull fractures.

Many people I think have this feeling that with a helmet they have a reduced chance to get a concussion. But this is simply not true. When you hit your head, when you fall on a bike particularly in a high speed bike crash, there is a very good chance you will suffer a concussion. The person who has the injury is the least likely to know it because they won't recognize the changes that are going on how they think, act and behave. It's important for those of us around them to know.

The most important thing to do for someone who has suffered a concussion in a cycling crash is to not get back on the bike. And, sometimes that has to be imposed on the rider who has fallen. Getting back on and having a subsequent injury is even more serious. So, we need to recognize that someone with a concussion is typically going to have some problems with their motor function, speech function, and will act differently. They may also have problems recalling things, even the accident itself.

There are a lot of different ways a concussion can manifest itself. And, remember if someone falls, particularly when they strike their head and they pop up and they seem not to have any serious symptoms, the symptoms may not appear for 24 hours. It does not mean that they have not suffered a concussion. So, it's important for us to understand them, to recognize it for our fellow riders and make sure we stop the activity when something has put them at risk for having a concussion.

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