Determining What a Fall Case is Worth

Video Transcription:
It's a fairly common misunderstanding by people that when they've been injured in a fall accident, they think that there is some formula that's applied to figure out what their case is worth. The reality is that fall cases like any other injury case are not subject to a formula that says if this happened it's worth x-amount of dollars.

There are a lot of factors that go into evaluating fall cases and they are different than other injury cases, like a car accident. Here is a list of those factors:

  1. Can it be proved that the person that owned the property was negligent? Is there something specific that they did wrong to cause the accident? Was there a code violation or something under the law that they didn't do? Do you have photographs? Do you have witnesses?
  2. Can the owner successfully argue that if you had been more careful you wouldn't have fallen?
  3. How bad are the injuries caused by the fall? How much were the medical bills? What treatment was required? Will you need medical treatment in the future? Did you recover? How much work did you miss? Will your injury affect your ability to work in the future?

All of these factors go into determining the value of a fall case. This is why there is no set formula.

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