In Florida When Can a Cyclist Take the Lane?

Video Transcription:

So, when can a cyclist take the lane? The short answer is that if you are on a substandard road, which is defined as being less than fourteen feet wide, the cyclist has the right to take the lane.

I think to some cyclists it takes a little nerve to actually take the lane because I have seen many people riding extremely far to the right which may not be the safest position to ride. Most safety advocates would say you are better off riding three or four feet off the curb. While you are not truly taking the lane you are far enough out that the traffic has to identify you and clearly move around you to get by.

When you go to the right and ride extremely far to the right, even in a lane where you can take the lane, it kind of promotes a driver to squeeze by which is not the safest thing to do. So, if you’re on a substandard road in Florida, you do have the right to take the lane but I think you can use your discretion about that.

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Jim Dodson
A Florida injury lawyer, family man and avid cyclist who clients have trusted for over 25 years.