If I've Been in an Accident, When Should I Call a Lawyer?

Video Transcription:
Most people don't need to call a lawyer immediately after an accident. In many cases, a lot of well-meaining friends will tell you that you need to but the fact is you don't and probably shouldn't.

In those cases where a lawsuit becomes necessary in someone's accident case, one of the first things a defense lawyer wants to ask an injured victim is "when did you call a lawyer or when did you hire a lawyer." And, when they hear that they called a lawyer from the ambulance or from the emergency room or they hired a lawyer the day after the accident, it means to them that maybe the victim is more interested in financial compensation than the treatment they should be seeking for their injuries. This means that calling or hiring a lawyer right away after an accident can actually hurt the victim's case.

It's best to call or hire a lawyer after you seek treatment for your injuries. Find out how badly your injuries are and then call a lawyer.

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