Which Insurance Company Should Pay My Car Repair After an Accident?

Video Transcription:
There's a lot of confusion by clients who come to our office about what's the best route to follow after an auto accident. Should they let their insurance company pay the property damage or the car that caused the accident?

Typically, if you have that choice it's better to have the car that caused the accident pay the repairs because then you don't have to come up with the deductible on your own policy. If your company pays for the repairs, they will hold back or not pay the amount of the deductible. So, you would have to pay that to the car repair out of pocket. You'll typically get that back later through a process the insurance company will use to get it from the other carrier but that could take months. So, given the choice, it's sometimes easier to have the other car's insurance company pay the repairs and save yourself the deductible.

There are occasions when they're not willing to accept responsibility for the accident right away. Maybe their insurer didn't call it in or they're still investigating or they're looking for witnesses. In those situations, you almost have to use your own insurance company in order to move forward in getting the repairs made. And, you will get the deductible back typically as long as they can get it from the other insurance company.

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