Who are You Going to Call After a Cycling or Car Crash?

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Jim Dodson: Hi, I'm Jim Dodson, the Florida Bike Guy. So, who you gonna call after a crash, whether on your bike or in a car?

Let me tell you a little story. Last night I was home with my wife, 6:30 or 7:00, we're having dinner. I get a phone from our answering service, we have live answering service that had talked to the caller and connected me live with this person who's calling in.

This was a cyclist. This person had been hit by a car. A couple hours away from the office. Had a pretty serious injury that was going to require surgery. But the point of our conversation was I was so enthusiastic in talking to him, this caller because he was so appreciative to have me on the line after hours talking about what happened, explaining, having someone to talk to who understood the dynamics of a bike crash, who was thoughtful and asked questions about his bike. When I asked about how his bike was he was so appreciative of that, and he just kept expressing his enthusiastic appreciation for just, for me being there and doing what we do and helping him. Expressing the idea that, hey listen, I'm going to be with you. We're going to walk you through this. Better days are going to come. We're going to get you back on your bike.

You know, it's why I really love helping cyclists. It's why we come in every day, why our team is enthusiastic about working with cyclists in particular, because I love the people. I love the energy. I love the appreciation and the fact that we have a unique gift to give to you in terms of my ride. I experience all the things you experience, and we bring together all of the hundreds of people we've talked to over the years in cycling accidents. It's very few things that we haven't seen or experienced in terms of asking questions or handling a situation on behalf of someone who's calling. And many times, people will call me and say, "Well, this happened and that happened." Like, one call recently, "Well, thankfully I didn't have a concussion." The person was saying, "But my elbow was split, and I don't remember what happened at the crash." I'm like, "Hey dude, you're describing a concussion." So, I think we just have a wealth of background that comes together and coalesces every time we talk to someone who's been involved in one of these unfortunately situations.

And I just wanted to tell you about it, and let you know how appreciative I am of the cycling community, of the opportunity you've given me to work with the cycling community, to spread our message of hope, our message of education and safety and insurance, and all the things we talk about. I want you to have the best experience you can have on the road. I want you to come home safely, and when the unexpected happens I want you to understand that I'm here for you, I appreciate your referrals. If you refer someone to our office be assured that their case is going to be handled by me and my team. We'll do the very best we can putting all of our experience to work for them.

So, that's it. I'm Jim Dodson. Who you gonna call after a bike crash? I hope you know the answer to that. I'll look for you next time. Take care, bye.

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