I Fell Down & Injured Myself in a Florida Parking Lot. Who is Responsible?

Video Transcription:
Parking lot cases are so common. Parking lots... you have some good ones and then you have some bad ones. Many times if a store or a property owner isn’t maintaining that parking lot properly a lot of dangerous conditions can exist. This could be something as simple as a pothole. There could be a concrete curb around a planting surface that maybe cars are running into and it’s got broken up and moved out of place. These are all tripping hazards. We have all seen these wheel stops that are usually up against a sidewalk in front of a building. It’s so common for these to get broken and pulled out of place. When these things happen, it can created legal liability, responsibility for the owner of the property.

Typically, for a big parking lot, there may be someone who owns the parking lot and they lease the store to someone else. This means the parking lot could be owned by a separate company. An experienced lawyer is going to know how to find the owner who is responsible for that property. Definitely, when serious falls happen, the person who caused the damage needs to be held responsible.

Jim Dodson
A Florida injury lawyer, family man and avid cyclist who clients have trusted for over 25 years.