The Other Driver was at Fault, Who Pays for My Medical Bills After a Florida Car Accident?

Video Transcription:
Remember that we are a no fault state and under Florida’s No Fault system, even though you did not cause the accident and the other person is clearly at fault, your own insurance company is going to pay the medical portion of your treatment for the first $10,000.

If your bills go beyond $10,000 then we recommend if you have health insurance that you allow your health insurance to bill for anything over the no fault amount.

Some people don’t have health insurance and if you’re represented by a lawyer, the lawyer can workout an arrangement with the medical provider that they will get paid at the end of the case once your case gets settled. And, they do that with a letter that is written.

So, typically it’s no fault first, health insurance second, and then this letter of protection, which is the third way to pay your bills. Using this combination, your bills will be taken care of and you will not be billed until after your case gets resolved.

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