Who Pays My Medical Bills After My Cycling Crash in Florida?

Video Transcription:

If you’ve been in a crash involving a vehicle, I think the first common question is “who’s going to pay for my medical bills.” In Florida, we have a unique system called No Fault. All drivers are required to have $10,000 PIP or No Fault insurance. It’s the medical part of your auto insurance policy that covers your own medical expenses in an accident.

If you own your own car that PIP or No Fault is available to you and will pay up to $10,000 of your medical expenses in a bike crash, even though it did not involve your own car. So, if you get struck by another vehicle, your own auto insurance (PIP or No Fault) will pay up to the first $10,000.

If you don’t have a car and you’re injured in a bicycle accident with another vehicle, if they have PIP or No Fault, you will get it from their insurance coverage. So, after a crash you look to your own auto policy first. If for some reason that is not available to you, you’re going to look to the driver of the vehicle who caused the accident and get the coverage from their auto insurance policy.

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