The Defense Often Times Agrees the Case is Worth More After a Lawsuit if Filed

Video Transcription:
It's pretty common when a lawsuit is filed that we have a deposition and then we go to mediation before a trial date and suddenly the defense agrees that the case is worth a lot more than it was when we were talking about it before the lawsuit was filed. Why does this happen?

Let me give you a perfect example. Recently, I had a deposition of a client taken. They made a pre-suit offer and the defense lawyer felt on paper, before meeting our client that the pre-suit offer was fair. We didn't think it was fair and that's why we filed a lawsuit, to get more. When the lawyer actually sat down and met our client, number one they agreed the paper offer wasn't fair and number two they agreed that meeting the client and understanding how this accident affected their life, suddenly made the case a lot more valuable because they thought that a jury would see it as being a lot more valuable as well.

So, these steps of meeting a client at a deposition and getting to know them and how the accident affected them is usually one of the biggest factors that's going to drive up the value of a case after a lawsuit is filed.

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