Why Do So Many Pedestrian Accidents Happen at Intersections?

Video Transcription:
Intersections in Florida have proven to be very dangerous for pedestrians. I can't emphasize enough that when you're a pedestrian crossing an intersection, you have to assume that cars coming from every direction will not stop.

The danger to the pedestrian really occurs in four major categories in my view. The first would be if you're a pedestrian and you're crossing an intersection in a crosswalk but a car is either coming towards you or coming from behind you and it's going to turn left or turn right. Too many times in this situation the drivers are focused on the oncoming traffic and they turn across the crosswalk without even looking for a pedestrian in the walkway.

Another thing that happens is a pedestrian many times will step off the curb into the crosswalk, having the right of way, but a car waiting to turn at the intersection is going to turn right and turns across the intersection into the pedestrian who is in the crosswalk.

Something else that commonly happens is that a pedestrian may have entered the intersection on the green light but a car coming perpendicular to them comes through the intersection running a red light because they're trying to beat the light. The driver is focused on the traffic light and not focused on the intersection ahead and hits the pedestrian who entered the intersection with the right away.

And finally, something we see with some regularity is a pedestrian steps into the crosswalk and the first car in the two or three lanes of traffic stops for them but a car behind them swerves around them to the left or right and hits the pedestrian who is walking into the path of the car who stopped.

All of these situations are horrible for pedestrians but they sort of point out the danger pedestrians need to be alerted to of drivers and how they fail to maintain their responsibility to stop and yield for pedestrians who have the right away.

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