Wearing a Bicycle Helmet is Something All Cyclists Should Do

Video Transcription:
A lot of people really don’t want to wear a bike helmet when they’re cycling. Let me tell you why that is not a very good idea.

The science on bike helmets is very clear that they save head injuries. Serious cyclists who ride in any type of an event sponsored by a club will need to wear a helmet, and generally they do. But many recreational cyclists, those on their bikes with their kids that are riding around their neighborhoods are people who aren’t quite as aware of what the helmet advantage is. Many times they get on their bikes without a helmet.

The problem becomes that if you’re injured in an accident by a car and the driver was at fault and you don’t have a helmet on and you suffer a head injury, they are going to reduce what they pay for the value of your claim because of your own negligence or fault for the failure to do something that you should have done to protect yourself. So this is why it’s important from a lawyer’s stand point when looking at a potential claim.

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