A Reminder of Why You Should Wear Ankle Lights While Cycling

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Jim Dodson - Hi, it's Jim Dobson from The Florida Bike Guy. Welcome to our live stream. You need a reminder about ankle lights. I have talked about ankle lights in conjunction with visibility in the past. But I wanted to give you great suggestions on lights that I actually use and have used. These are all inexpensive, they're bright. They go right on your ankle, they don't weigh anything.

Remember that when I recommend visibility issues it's all about creating an edge to your advantage to be seen in time for a vehicle to recognize you as a cyclist and avoid you. I'm always about the advantage, the edge. Another thing we can do to increase the odds that a drive who isn't particularly observant of cyclists will pick you out of the background clutter. All of the visual stimulation that's crowding them as they ride down the road to have you leap out into their awareness so that they see you and avoid you.

There's a lot of data supporting bright lights while riding we always know about the bright flashing light that goes onto the handlebar front facing. We already know about the bright flashing rear taillight flashing in these modes is much better than steady because it creates more visibility, more awareness. And there is also the added advantage of having a light on your ankle because it's part of the issue of what we call conspicuity the making yourself conspicuous against the background. These lights will, 'cause when you place the light on your ankle it's the movement of your foot with the bright flashing red light that raises the awareness of the driver that you're actually a human on a bicycle, I need to take note, okay.

So let me just talk to you about three lights that I use and enjoy. The first one is this Apace Vision. And I think Kati’s has got an image of it on my leg. I actually road today. This is the light, it has multiple modes, as they all do. It comes with a Velcro strap that goes around your ankle. Has a strobe function and like I say, it doesn't weigh anything. It's not going to be something that you're going to concerned about in terms of weight. I know these things are bright when you look at 'em but I'm a big fan of this light. I really like it. And again, these are all inexpensive.

Another light that I got up at Winter Garden Wheelworks which I really like is the Knog, which is K-N-O-G. Again, this has got a really bright function, intermittent flash. This thing weighs nothing. It's about $20. It doesn't come with a strap but it actually snaps right on to the back of your shoe or the back of your sock. I'm a believer in using the bright neon socks. They are again going to attract attention to your feet, and this will go right on the back of your sock. I typically wear a light on the outside leg towards traffic. No study on that, that I'm aware of but I'm sort of putting myself out there, closer to the traffic lane. So again, the Knog, K-N-O-G is a great function. These are all rechargeable. This comes with it's own recharging cord, you can see on the back of it. And this is actually what it looks like when you purchase it. Small little light.

And then we have the Newell, excuse me the Keywell, K-E-Y-W-E-L-L. This is also another light that is inexpensive. I've used it, this one is still in the packaging. It's got multiple flashes and strobes it has it's own Velcro strap that goes around your ankle or wherever you want to put it. A lot of functionality with this. It comes with several strap configurations and is easy for you to add on. This is again, rechargeable, comes with it's own cord. I'm sure if you're like me you've got plenty of these cords. This is a typical mini USB cord, which we all have many of.

But I want to make it easy for you to just take that extra step of putting an ankle light on. You know, I'm on the road like you are and I rarely see anybody using these. And I just want to spread the word that it's something that is really something that's gonna grow in popularity and in customized use in our cycling world. Definitely gonna raise your safety factor. Definitely gonna increase your visibility. Definitely gonna increase the likelihood that when you leave in the morning, you're gonna come home safely at the end of your ride.

I hope this is helpful. I'm gonna offer you a free offer this week about choosing a good bike headlight. This is really a program we did last year. And in here there's about six or seven very good headlights and we describe them, the cost and the features of each one. Be happy to get that for you. Kati’s running the Bitly link across the screen for you. You can get that. We'll have that as our free offer.

Just as a reminder that I represent cyclists across Florida. If you need me, I will be there for you. And if I can just help you in some way that doesn't involve a crash, doesn't involve you being involved in an auto accident. Call me, let me see what I can do to help you. Even if it's something that I can't represent you on. I'm Jim Dobson, The Florida Bike Guy. I'll see you next time.

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