Parents Should Insist That Their Kids Wear a Bicycle Helmet. It's the Law in Florida

Video Transcription:
The statistics are that about 70% of all children ride bikes. The biggest category of serious injury to children on bicycles is a catastrophic head injury.

Bike helmets are shown to prevent about 85% to 89% of serious head injuries if properly worn and fitted. So, the chances of getting a serious injury if you have a helmet on is greatly reduced. In Florida, it’s required to wear a helmet. It’s actually the law that parents need to have their kids where a helmet if their under the age of 16.

There was a case recently down in Cape Coral where sadly a ten year old boy, riding his bike, fell off with no helmet and had a very serious skull fracture and was found unconscious. This goes on everyday. The other day I was waiting at a school crossing and their were six or eight bikes that came by, middle school kids, and no one had a helmet on.

Parents need to understand this is a dangerous problem that you have to have these kids wear bike helmets because if you don’t you’re really setting yourselves up for a disaster. If you’re their friend, if your their parent, make them wear a helmet.

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