Hiring an Attorney Who's Not a Cyclist for a Bicycle Accident Case Might Not Be the Best Idea

Video Transcription:
If you’ve looked around anywhere on the Internet or lawyer advertising in general, you’ve probably seen that most lawyers that do accident cases will say that they represent bicycle accident victims or cycling accident victims. But I think the real question for a cyclist who has been injured in an accident is where is that lawyer’s commitment to the cycling community and to someone who has been injured in a cycling accident.

Cycling injury cases are not like car accident cases or a slip and fall at the grocery store or a dog bite. They’re unique. There are very unique laws and rules that apply to cycling. There’s a lot of discretion as to how those laws are interpreted by many people. But I think the larger thing is, is the lawyer you’re going to work with committed to the issues that are unique to cycling and the issues that cyclists face everyday in riding the roads and highways that we ride. And, are they committed to holding the motorists responsible when they violate the laws.

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