Steps to Take When the Insurance Company Doesn't Want to Replace Your Carbon Bicycle

Video Transcription:

If you are riding a carbon frame bicycle and you are involved in an accident with a vehicle, one of the first questions that many people have is what happens to my bike, should I replace it.

Insurance companies really don’t deal with bicycle claims all that often. The vast majority of the average claim adjuster is dealing with automobiles and they no nothing about carbon bike frames and their properties. They are perfectly happy to suggest that you need to get your bike repaired and they’d be happy to pay for the repair cost. My view on that is quite simple. Take your bike to the dealer/shop where you bought it and tell them what happened and ask them if they would ride this bike again. They will say no because there are too many hidden issues with carbon bike frames. Even a visual inspection can’t detect whether it may have some occult fracture somewhere that would be dangerous if you rode it again.

My position has always been you always want to try and get the carbon bicycle frame replaced and if the dealer agrees that it’s dangerous, have them write it and say why and how much the bike costs to replace. Then send this written statement to the adjuster as an explanation as to why the frame needs to be replaced and not repaired. If you need additional help, I would be happy to help you with this as well. Just give me a call.

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