Even Though You Were Wearing a Bicycle Helmet You Could Still Have a Concussion

Video Transcription:
I’m a cyclist and I have also represented a lot of cyclists who have been involved in a lot of various types of crashes. There’s a big misunderstanding by most cyclists about the effect and protection we get from wearing a bike helmet. Many people believe a bike helmet is going to protect you from concussions and the truth is most of them do not. They are solely designed to protect you from a skull fracture.

It is so common for people particularly in a bicycle crash to fall to the ground or get thrown off a bike. Maybe they hit their head and maybe they don’t but you can end up with a concussion in a variety of ways in this type of an accident. The first is, of course, if you hit your head violently it could result in a concussion. But you don’t have to hit your head to have a concussion. Just simply the stop and the force of the brain moving in the skull can result in a concussion.

The thing to remember is to look for those subtle signs and symptoms  that are commonly displayed in someone who has had a concussion. If you are having those you need to see a medical professional immediately and get it diagnosed. This is also very important for your case.

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