After a Drunk Driving Accident, Will the Judge Make the Drunk Driver Pay Restitution to the Victim?

Video Transcription:
After a serious drunk driving accident in which the victim has suffered injuries and other out of pocket expenses, one of the things the prosecuting attorney will do is to reach out to the victim and ask if there’s proof that they have indeed suffered out of pocket expenses. These could be medical bills, repair costs, and things that weren’t reimbursed by insurance.

The State will ask the victim to give them evidence of these out of pocket expenses, and what the State Attorney will do is then give that to the judge during the sentencing of the drunk driver and ask the judge to make that a part of the sentence that the driver be ordered to pay restitution to the victim. This is an important part of the criminal prosecution.

Here is my suggestion to someone who has been injured in an accident. When you hire a civil lawyer who is going to bring the injury claim on your behalf, talk to them about what evidence of restitution you might want to make and what evidence you might want to save for your civil case. Your lawyer should understand how that should be handled.

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