Why and How Head-on Collisions that Occur on Florida Roads

Video Transcription:

We see wrong way crashes all too often. Many times they occur on the interstate. Someone gets on the interstate going the wrong direction, coming on the off ramp for instance. It happens within towns as well. The same problem can occur when someone turns down a one way street going the wrong way. Many times these types of crashes involves a driver who has been drinking alcohol. This is always an aggravated factor in any type of these cases.

The sad part about head-on collisions is that usually it is at a much higher impact because the two vehicles are moving directly towards one another and it amplifies the physics or the forces involved. These are the cases that unfortunately many times result in serious orthopedic injuries, traumatic brain injuries, nerve injuries and even death.

These types of cases really need to be evaluated by proper experts and the vehicles need to be examined at the earliest opportunity. If you know someone who has been involved in a wrong way crash, make sure they take steps right away to get to an attorney who really understands them and will protect their interests.

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